This workshop, taught by a Taylor & Francis Editor, will explore the key forms of communicating research findings in the relevant subject areas.  Each workshop will be delivered by an editor from the same discipline as the participants and will offer guidance on how to be successful in communicating and publishing their research. The workshops will be designed to meet the particular requirements of the community.


What participants will learn:

How to communicate their research findings more effectively.  Different types of writing will be explored based on the discipline and interest.

About the Trainers

Victoria Babbit
Each of our writing workshops will be led by one of our Routledge or Taylor & Francis journal editors from the relevant subject area. Institutions can identify journals that are of particular interest. The workshops will be designed to reflect the interests and desired outcomes of the institution.

For more information about the program, organizing workshops for your institution, and pricing, please contact Victoria Babbit: [email protected]