Journals, digital hubs, and publishing solutions for medical communications agencies and publication planners

Our purpose at Taylor & Francis is to foster human progress through knowledge. We’re therefore excited to expand our support for scientific and medical communities, medical communications agencies, and publication planners.

Taylor & Francis is now able to offer researchers, medical communications agencies, and publication planners a host of additional publishing solutions. We offer an expanded portfolio with the addition of cutting-edge journals and digital hubs formerly published by Future Science Group (FSG), publisher of medical, biotechnological, and scientific research.

Taylor & Francis now becomes the fourth largest publisher of pharma-funded research, with the addition of 32 peer-reviewed FSG journals and six digital hubs. These complement the existing range of over 340 Taylor & Francis medical and healthcare journals, including the Expert Collection, which is the world’s largest series of review journals in research, development and clinical medicine.

This growth in our services for researchers and medical communications planners includes the market-leading Plain Language Summary service, which supports authors to make technical content accessible for lay audiences and empowers patients in decision making about their care.

For more information, please contact our Global Portfolio Director, Medicine & Health, Liz Knowles

Biomedical science journals

FSG publications represent many of the most important and fast-growing fields of scientific, medical and pharmaceutical research, including oncology, medicinal chemistry, immunotherapy, microbiology, nanomedicine, and biotechnology. Researchers can choose to publish open access (OA) in all FSG journals, with 10 titles fully OA. 

Our new journals include 22 titles in clinical and translational medicine and the biosciences:

Plus six titles in applied science and intellectual property issues in R&D:

For more information about any of these journals, please contact our Global Portfolio Director, Medicine & Health, Liz Knowles

Publishing solutions for medical communications agencies and publication planners

We offer publishing solutions to help you build comprehensive, collaborative communication plans around published content and scientific information. By providing a range of platforms and solutions, we can ensure timely and accessible publication that enriches the information presented, engages the reader, and reaches a broad scientific and medical professional audience. Contact us to find out how we can: 

  • Simplify the publishing process. Whether it’s publishing an article in one of our MEDLINE-indexed, peer-reviewed journals or featuring a piece of content on a digital hub, we’ll help identify the most relevant platform within our portfolio and ensure you’re aware of all options offered, including open access (OA) and accelerated publication.
  • Develop enriching content. We offer a number of services to help augment content, such as video abstracts and infographics, providing readers with take-home summaries of the information presented. We’ll work collaboratively with your own design teams or directly with you to create engaging visual and digital content.
  • Ensure you reach the right audience. We offer a number of proactive solutions to help readers discover, read, and discuss your content. Using technologies including sponsored access, social media, and content recommendation engines, plus our own community knowledge network and content hubs, we can help identify the best options for your content.
  • Provide opportunities for engagement with colleagues and peers. Medical practice and research stems from a foundation of scientific exchange and discussion. We can help continue the conversation around your content by offering options such as presentation via a webinar, interaction on a professional-only network, and creation of a dedicated community website for expertise, learning and dialogue.

For more information, please contact our Global Portfolio Director, Medicine & Health, Liz Knowles

Plain Language Summaries 

A Plain Language Summary communicates scholarly and scientific research to wider audiences in clear, jargon-free language. Find out more about how to write and publish a Plain Language Summary

Medical research is becoming increasingly available to the public, meaning that patient communication, especially how healthcare professionals talk to their patients, is paramount. Ensuring patients and their caregivers fully understand diagnoses, treatment plans, and potential risks, empowers them to be involved in decision making about their care.

This is where a Plain Language Summary of Publication article (PLSP) can be very helpful. PLSPs are visually enriched articles that provide a summary of a key publication or collection of related clinical studies. In an industry often containing complex terminology and technical jargon, PLSPs provide a clear summary of a publication using non-technical language published in a specialist journal that’s accessible to any reader. 

Being able to summarize technical content for a lay audience is an increasingly important skill. We have several options to help authors explain their research in a way that can be understood by non-specialist audiences. These include featuring lay abstracts in our journals, and publishing Plain Language Summaries alongside articles. Our experienced editors can provide a full creation service for PLSP, including summarizing the content, writing in lay language, and developing graphics and visuals to support the content.

All PLSPs are peer-reviewed and can summarize any article – even those published in journals from other publishers. We also publish Plain Language Summaries as standalone articles. This means that each article is assigned its own DOI, meaning it’s fully citable, indexed on relevant databases, and discoverable.

To discuss the publication of a PLSP in one of our journals, or to find out more about our PLSP writing service, please contact us

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Digital hubs – online communities for medical and scientific professionals

Our digital hubs started life as online communities to pair with our biomedical journals. While there’s still a close link between journal and hub, they’re now also valuable online resources for medical and scientific communities in their own right. They have large and active memberships, with over 220,000 registered members and 400,000 monthly page views. 

Each digital hub focuses on a specific area of science or medicine – such as bioanalysis, regenerative medicine, or oncology. As well as sharing the latest journal articles, each keeps you up to date with the latest news, opinions, and discussions in your field. They include:

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