Choose Open with Taylor & Francis

Every researcher should have relevant, realistic options to publish and share their work openly.

At Taylor & Francis we are helping to make this happen through Choose Open – a progressive program to provide a framework for open research and open access. Our continuously evolving range of tools, services and products are designed to help you make your research process open, share findings and deliver impact. Whether you are a researcher, funder, scholarly society or research institution, we have a solution to help you Choose Open.

These options include Elevate, a series of hand-picked journals that offer the option to share research openly and at pace, with a swift, streamlined experience and extra support in navigating the publication process, thanks to one-to-one editorial advice from our dedicated in-house Editorial team. Reaching across a broad range of academic communities, Elevate journals are a trusted home for research that complies with all major funder mandates and institutional requirements.

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