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We’re a global publishing company that believes in doing things differently. We’re looking for people with a variety of skills to help us grow and transform our internationally renowned business during an exciting time of change. You’ll help us to set the pace in the world of digital publishing and work with thousands of authors to make top quality research accessible to more people all around the world.

In return, we can offer you excellent benefits, great training and a fantastic place to work. We’ve a wide range of roles in our editorialproductionmarketingsales and technology teams. So, whatever stage you’re at in your career, start a journey of discovery and learn all about our many different career opportunities and what it’s like working at Taylor & Francis.

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Our purpose and beliefs

At Taylor & Francis, our purpose is to foster human progress through knowledge.  

This purpose is founded on encouraging and examining different ideas and voices. Any work that meets our exacting levels of quality deserves to be included in our publications. This requires open minds, robust debate, and the courage to defend perspectives that stand up to scrutiny, even if they conflict with our personal beliefs or values. This can sometimes mean we publish content that conflicts with our company’s or our individual views, yet it is necessary if we are to defend diversity of thought, find the best obtainable version of the truth and, ultimately, foster human progress.

We live our purpose through four beliefs that guide everything we do. If these beliefs speak to you, then you’d be a great fit at Taylor & Francis!


Truth builds trust and is essential for advancing knowledge, and we pursue all three. We are wise enough to distinguish between evidence, which we privilege, and opinion, which we acknowledge. We hold both to high standards of integrity and scrutiny.

Truth at Taylor & Francis manifests itself in the way we make decisions, in our relationships with colleagues and customers, and in being transparent about our business practices. Trust and truth go hand in hand, and we are trusting and trustworthy in our work.

Diversity of Thought

Our very purpose is founded on encouraging and examining different ideas and voices. This requires open minds, robust debate and the courage to defend perspectives that stand up to scrutiny. Connecting a diverse range of people, communities and approaches benefits everyone we serve and, ultimately, makes a positive difference in society.

Diversity of Thought at Taylor & Francis shows in how we are open-minded to ideas and opinions that differ from our own. We value inclusivity and we are always empathetic to those with different opinions, needs or circumstances to our own. We judge ideas and opinions objectively based on the evidence and arguments presented, and any ideas that pass this test deserve to be represented. This can sometimes mean we make decisions, take actions, or publish content that conflict with our company’s or our individual beliefs. Yet it is necessary if we are to progress understanding and defend diversity of thought.

Individual Potential

Knowledge empowers people to think, do and be more than they ever could before. We champion the curious, giving them access to the knowledge and learning they want, the freedom to act upon it, and the trust to use it responsibly.

Individual Potential at Taylor & Francis recognises that our own potential is enhanced by others. We value curiosity and leadership, initiative and reflection, teamwork and collaboration, which drive us toward personal and collective success.

Human Progress

The knowledge we curate has been driving human progress since the Enlightenment. We strive to be a catalyst for meaningful, positive change – to enrich a single life, or all of our lives.

Human Progress at Taylor & Francis shines through in the way we dare to be different, dare to try, always with a focus on the value we create for our customers.