Taylor & Francis Automotive EngineeringAutomotive Engineering
Keep up-to-date with the latest innovations in Automotive Engineering with our expert journals and books.
Taylor & Francis Biomedical EngineeringBiomedical Engineering
Taylor & Francis publishes a vast range of cutting-edge research into Biomedical Engineering, ranging from areas such as biomaterials and biomechanics, to neuroscience, pharmaceutical engineering and physiological science.
Taylor & Francis Chemical EngineeringChemical Engineering
Encompassing bioprocessing, chemical processing and design, clean and sustainable processes, mass transfer and thermodynamics, process control, energy, fuels, and petrochemicals.
Taylor & Francis Civil EngineeringCivil Engineering
Exploring the public sector from municipal to national governments, and the private sector from individual homes to international companies, our Civil Engineering books and journals combine new research with foundational knowledge.
Taylor & Francis Electrical EngineeringElectrical Engineering
Offering a wide range of books and journals on electricity, electronics and electromagnetism, our aim is to elevate the study and application of Electrical Engineering.
Taylor & Francis Energy & OilEnergy & Oil
In the fast-moving energy industry, Taylor & Francis publish with industry leaders such as ExxonMobil, General Electric and Mitsubishi Corporation, to bring you access to new and trustworthy research.
Taylor & Francis Engineering, Computing & TechnologyEngineering, Computing & Technology
Recognising the variety of knowledge that combines to enhance this practice, our Engineering portfolio offers resources on the scientific, mathematic, economic, physical and social practices of Engineering.
Taylor & Francis Environmental EngineeringEnvironmental Engineering
Offering a collection of books and journals written by experts in the field, to help disseminate research in order to help improve the natural environment and develop solutions to environmental problems.
Taylor & Francis General EngineeringGeneral Engineering
Offering resources on the scientific, mathematic, economic, physical and social practices of Engineering, in order to elevate the specialist body of practical and theoretical knowledge within the field of Engineering.
Taylor & Francis Industrial & Manufacturing EngineeringIndustrial & Manufacturing Engineering
Drawing on many disciplines, applying statistical analysis, science, mathematics and organizational management to name a few, in order to deliver a knowledge corpus as large and varied as the field itself.
Taylor & Francis Materials Science & EngineeringMaterials Science & Engineering
Offering expert books and journals on the design and discovery of new materials, the basic science and applied technology, and material specific research, our Materials Science portfolio gives easy access to the latest specialist content so that researchers, students and practitioners can keep up-to-date with the latest innovations in the discipline.
Taylor & Francis Mechanical EngineeringMechanical Engineering
Exploring the theory and application of topics such as solid mechanics, dynamics, fluid mechanics, controls, thermodynamics, and energy, as a foundation for the installation and operation of machines and mechanical systems.
Taylor & Francis Mining EngineeringMining Engineering
From feasibility studies to design, implementation and mining operations, covering the entire process from exploration and discovery to eventual mine closure.