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Article Pass

Read, download, and engage with individual articles from across the Taylor & Francis journal portfolio via a prepaid, token-based system.


Why choose Article Pass?

  • Save between 15-50% on the price of individual articles
  • Choose from 4.2 million articles across 2,700+ journals
  • Set your limits: buy tokens to cover as many as 2,000 articles, or as few as 50
  • Keep control by allowing access for specific individuals in your team
  • Keep saving year-on-year by rolling over any unused tokens when you renew


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Subscribe to entire journals of your choice for a more comprehensive view of a specialized subject area.

Subscriptions are available in online and/or print access for most of our 2,700+ journals, and plans can be tailored to your needs.

Why choose subscriptions?

  • Tailor your collection on a title-by-title basis
  • Access a 20-year backfile when you purchase the current volume year of any given title
  • Combine print and online access or opt for online access only

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