Cogent OA

Cogent OA is a multidisciplinary series of broad-scope open access journals, helping researchers share their ideas and discoveries as widely and effectively as possible.

The Cogent OA journals are run by prestigious editorial boards with a strong focus on constructive peer review, rapid publication, and the universal dissemination of authors’ work. They are committed to publishing all research that is sound and valid, including negative research and replication studies.

Features of the Cogent OA journals include:

  • Open access: your published article will be immediately and freely available for anyone to read, anywhere. Cogent journals are listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals and are compliant with all the major funders’ OA publishing policies.
  • Format-free submission: save time by uploading your research in any standard format to a quick and easy submission portal.
  • Rigorous peer review: friendly and constructive assessment of your paper by specialist referees. Your submission will be evaluated on the grounds of relevance, sound methodology, and clarity, rather than the predicted level of its future importance.
  • High publication standards: rapid production is combined with expert copyediting, proofreading, and final presentation.
  • Continuous publication model: your article will be published on Taylor & Francis Online as soon as it’s ready.
  • Public interest statements: strip out the technical lingo and make it easier for the general public to understand and engage with your research.
  • Authors retain copyright: we use the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license so anyone can distribute, remix and build upon your work, opening the door to innovation and cross-disciplinary global collaboration.
  • Accessible PDFs: our special font, FS Me, is developed by Fontsmith in conjunction with Mencap, the UK’s leading charity for those who have a learning disability.
  • Impact metrics: keep track of the impact of your research with Altmetric and other article-level data.