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Check out some of the latest press coverage of the groundbreaking research and knowledge that we publish here at Taylor & Francis.  Links to all sources and to originally published journal articles and books have been provided for convenience below. 


'Existential Catastrophe' May Loom as No Proof AI Is Controllable—Expert

There is no proof AI is controllable, states AI safety expert, Dr. Roman V. Yampolskiy; in his new book, AI: Unexplainable, Unpredictable, Uncontrollable, he details the potential societal consequences.

The Bookseller

Wikipedia’s volunteer editors to have access to all Taylor & Francis journals

A new agreement with The Wikipedia Library gives volunteer editors free access to all Taylor & Francis and Routledge journals, helping to enhance the quality and reliability of Wikipedia articles.


Grandparents may have a significant impact on a mom’s mental health, study shows

Mothers are less likely to use antidepressants if they have support from grandparents who are in good health, suggests a recent study tracking 488,000 mothers of young children.

BBC Science Focus

Is the avocado a nutritional superfood or environmental disaster?

The Avocado Debate exposes the environmental and ethical impact of our food choices and the modern food system through the lens of the avocado.

Publishing Perspectives

Thailand’s Mahidol University in Deal with Taylor & Francis

Taylor & Francis signs its first transformative agreement in Southeast Asia, supporting researchers at Mahidol University to publish open access in over 2,000 journals.


Lockdown Drills Help Children Feel Safer In School, Study Finds

Preparing children for school shooting incidents can make those who have been exposed to violence feel safer, suggests a new study contradicting claims that drills traumatize children.