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Check out some of the latest press coverage of the groundbreaking research and knowledge that we publish here at Taylor & Francis.  Links to all sources and to originally published journal articles and books have been provided for convenience below. 

New Scientist

Ichthyosaur tooth from the Swiss Alps is largest ever discovered

The largest-ever ichthyosaur tooth was discovered in the Alps, possibly making it among the largest animals to have ever lived. The Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology article suggests that the beast weighed 80 tonnes and was longer than a bowling alley at 21 meters long.

The Guardian

England state school pupils as happy with life as private school peers – survey

Cambridge Journal of Education’s recent study suggests that differences in mental health and life satisfaction between private and state school students were minimal, turning assumptions that attending a fee-paying provides more substantial advantages.

The Independent

Transgender people ‘denied chance to preserve fertility on the NHS’

A ‘postcode lottery’ excludes transgender people and cancer patients in the UK from receiving fertility preservation services from the NHS. The Human Fertility study highlights the disparity in fertility provision and calls for a standard policy.

The Times of India

Net zero by 2050 will hit a major timing problem technology can't solve. We need to talk about cutting consumption

Making the switch to renewable power will not be enough to hit Net-Zero by 2050, suggests this Climate Policy article; it highlights the need to cut global energy consumption by 50% to achieve this goal.


We Have Cooler Waters To Thank For Super-Sized Megalodon

Cooler waters allowed the extinct, infamous shark, Megalodon, to grow to larger sizes, suggests this new  Historical Biology article, offering further insight into how climate change accelerates change in marine habitats.