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Check out some of the latest press coverage of the groundbreaking research and knowledge that we publish here at Taylor & Francis.  Links to all sources and to originally published journal articles and books have been provided for convenience below. 


Psychologists Reveal Tips To Trick Your Brain Into Enjoying Running

The Psychology of Running offers psychological tools and techniques to help readers maintain their running activity and improve their performance.

STM Publishing News

Knowledge for all: Taylor & Francis marks 10 years of open access books

To commemorate 10 years of open access (OA) books, Taylor & Francis is showcasing a collection of ‘must read’ books and chapters highlighting its role in driving progress on global issues.


American Teens Are Most Likely To Exaggerate Their Math Ability, Study Finds

Research using data from 40,000 15-year-olds from nine English-speaking countries found American teens were more likely to exaggerate their mathematic ability.

The Chronicle of Higher Education

‘We’re All Using It’: Publishing Decisions Are Increasingly Aided by AI. That’s Not Always Obvious.

The use of AI in the academic research review process is increasing; this article dissects the current tools used to make the process more efficient.


Scientist Reveals Essential Activity That Boosts Child's Brain Development

Dr Jacqueline Harding, leading early childhood expert, challenges the traditional belief that play and learning are separate in the new book, The Brain that Loves to Play. She argues play is crucial for young children’s brain development.

Research Professional News

Taylor and Francis partners with academic social media site

Taylor & Francis’ partnership with ResearchGate will make 200 T&F journals available on the social media site, helping researchers discover and access articles more easily.