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Check out some of the latest press coverage of the groundbreaking research and knowledge that we publish here at Taylor & Francis.  Links to all sources and to originally published journal articles and books have been provided for convenience below. 

The Times

Teach robots compassion to tame AI, says academic

Could coding robots with humanity prevent them from going rogue? Dr Eve Poole OBE argues that giving AI empathy and compassion could ensure it behaves in line with our values in the upcoming book, Robot Souls.


Night owls may have unhealthy habits that lead to early death, study says

Late nights have little impact on premature deaths in night owls, according to a study of almost 23,000 twins, which found alcohol and smoking to be the blame.

Publishing Perspectives

Taylor & Francis Reports ‘Accelerating Open Access in the UK

A new report reveals the six-fold increase in open-access Humanities and Social Science (HSS) articles published because of Taylor & Francis’s partnership with the Jisc consortium.


In Africa, doubts about vaccines grew during pandemic, survey finds

Public confidence in vaccines in Africa has plummeted since the pandemic, a study across eight countries finds. Researchers worry that this may negatively impact herd immunity.

The Express US

Why our brains are wired to believe in conspiracy theories and other lies

Politics, Lies and Conspiracy Theories explores how dehumanizing metaphors in political propaganda can impact our brains, leading to strong convictions and the propagation of lies and conspiracy.