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Check out some of the latest press coverage of the groundbreaking research and knowledge that we publish here at Taylor & Francis.  Links to all sources and to originally published journal articles and books have been provided for convenience below. 


How Perfectionism Leads to Burnout—and What You Can Do About it

Perfectionists are more susceptible to burnout, suggests a new book – Burnout: A Guide to Identifying Burnout and Pathways to Recovery. It features evidence-based tools to help readers navigate burnout, build resilience, and reclaim their passions.


Rare evidence that dinosaurs feasted on mammals uncovered

Researchers discovered a fully preserved mammal’s foot inside a fossilized Microraptor’s ribcage. The Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology study presents the first record of a dinosaur eating a mammal and hints at its diverse diet.

Publishing Perspectives

Taylor & Francis Signs Accessible Publishing Charter

Stacy Scott reaffirms Taylor & Francis’ continued commitment to ensuring everyone can access the same content at the same time, regardless of their reading requirements, by signing the Accessible Books Consortium and Publishing Accessibility Action Group UK charters.

The Guardian

Boom in breast milk sales and donations a health risk to infants, expert says

As black market sales and demand for breast milk surge, an Australian Feminist Law Journal article calls for it to be legally defined as tissue and strict screening and storing practices to ensure the safety of infants.

U.S. News & World Report

As Alcohol Abuse Declines Among Teens, Marijuana Abuse Soars

Children are ditching alcohol for marijuana, according to a Clinical Toxicology study. With marijuana abuse rising by 245% and alcohol abuse declining over 20 years, the findings highlight the impact of marijuana legalization on teens in the US.