Online products

In addition to our three major content platforms which deliver our online journals and eBooks, Taylor & Francis Group also offer a range of separate, specialist online resources, including databases, reference works and encyclopedias as follows:

English Historical Documents Online

The most comprehensive, annotated collection of documents on British history ever compiled.

Europa World

An interactive online library profiling all the countries and territories of the world.

The Europa World of Learning

A comprehensive online resource detailing higher educational institutions world-wide.

Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism

The Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism is the largest and most comprehensive resource available for all those involved in the study of modernism. An accessible and intuitive online platform, bringing together a wealth of interdisciplinary content about the Modernist period.

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online

A dynamic online resource for researching and studying philosophy and related disciplines.

Routledge Handbooks Online

The online home for Routledge Handbooks, Companions, and Worlds content bringing together a highly acclaimed, world-class collection spanning 18 diverse subject areas. Each handbook provides a definitive overview of a whole subject area or sub-discipline.

Routledge Performance Archive

A developing resource produced in partnership with Digital Theatre that provides access to an unprecedented range of audio-visual material from past and present practitioners of performance.

Routledge Historical Resources: History of Feminism

An exciting new online platform covering the fascinating subject of feminism over the long nineteenth century. History of Feminism brings together 1,000s of chapters of primary and secondary source content, an image gallery, and 16 thematic essays to aid study and research.

History of Economic Thought

History of Economic Thought is an exciting new online platform that brings together the best and most relevant scholarship from Taylor & Francis, its imprints, and its authors. It is the second release from our new Routledge Historical Resources online programme, which has been specially designed to help students and academics with their research and study. The History of Economic Thought is an interdisciplinary resource which will be of special interest to history, economics and philosophy students.

Secret Files from World Wars to Cold War

Spanning four key twentieth-century conflicts, with a spotlight on the Second World War, Secret Files from World Wars to Cold War provides access to British government secret intelligence and foreign policy files from 1873 to 1953.

South Asia Archive

A new, fully searchable digital archive encompassing more than four and a half million pages of valuable research and teaching materials collected by the South Asia Research Foundation, providing access to documents ranging from the mid-18th to the mid-20th Century.

World Who’s Who

An online biographical resource detailing some 60,000 of the world’s most eminent personalities.