This interactive workshop will help participants understand the fundamentals of book publishing as well as how to write an effective book proposal. The first half of the workshop will explore how to shape and develop a book idea; what publishers are looking for; the book publishing process; publishing from a PhD; and open access book publishing options. The second part of the workshop will take participants through the book proposal writing process in detail, explaining all aspects of what makes a good book proposal and how to sell the book idea to the publisher and the academic reviewers.


What participants will learn:

How the book publishing process works, what publishers value and how to write an thoughtful and effective proposal.

About the Trainer

Katie Peace

Katie Peace is the Senior Publisher for Taylor & Francis book publishing in Asia Pacific. She commissions her own list of education, behavioural science, and linguistics books while also overseeing a team of commissioning editors producing high quality content from authors. With more than 18 years’ experience in the publishing industry in the UK and Asia, she has insights into the academic journals and books publishing processes and specialises in advising and guiding authors to produce the best publishing output.

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