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The South Asia office has been operating for 25 years in the region, which is a testament to our long-standing local partnerships and value to the global network. With coverage of India and neighboring countries – Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal & Sri Lanka – the office is a micrcosm of our parent company, Informa, housing all functions and departments of our global business.

As one of the world’s leading publishers of scholarly research, we partner with authors, editors, librarians and societies to cultivate knowledge from the South Asia region. We provide local expertise and support to our editors, societies & authors, and a tailored, efficient customer service to our library & distribution partners. Skilled colleagues, cost-effective and efficient systems, and customer focus – both internal and external – have gradually built the region as the hub of operational excellence, substantively contributing to global revenue & cross-functional collaborations.

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Our South Asia office is staffed by over 250 colleagues working across departments such as editorial, marketing & sales, including:

Nitasha Devasar

Nitasha Devasar

MD – India, VP & Commercial Lead, India, SA, SSA

“I have over 25 years of experience in academic publishing in South Asia. My edited book on Indian publishing, Publishers on Publishing: Inside India’s Book Business, provides a panoramic view of Indian publishing and is my way of giving back to the industry I work in. I have been two-term President, Association of Publishers in India, the recognized trade body for international publishers operating in India, till 2020. I write occasionally on Indian Publishing, Leadership and the life of business.”

Gopinath Madampath

Gopinath Madampath

Sales Director – Books

“Though I have handled other roles with McGrawHill & Pearson in the past, I find sales to be my domain, forte and passion. Can’t imagine that I have spent close to 25 years in Publishing while it didn’t even figure as a career option for me after college. I can vouch for the fact “there’s something about publishing” that makes you fall in love with it.”

Neeti Verma

Neeti Verma

Strategic Alliances & Govt.

“With over 20 years of experience in publishing, I joined Taylor & Francis in 2008 having served leading companies such as Springer Sciences and Encyclopedia Britannica in the past. I have significant experience in union negotiation, collection sales, consortia, multisite licensing, government liaison, P&L management, CRM tools and resource management.”

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At Taylor & Francis India, we curate specialized content for the diverse research requirements of the global academic community and strive towards maximizing outcomes through impactful marketing and sales activities. Catering to the higher education, lifelong learning & research requirements in the South Asia region, we have a dedicated website which is constantly updated with the latest resources and information.

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