Editorial contacts

The following contacts should be used for inquiries about publishing partnerships and submission of journal proposals. Further information on what should be included in a journal proposal can be found here.

If you are an author looking for advice on submitting your article, please visit the Taylor & Francis Journals Author Services website.

Arts and Humanities: Janet Remmington
Behavioural Sciences and Social Care: Paul Dukes
Biological, Earth and Environmental Science: Vicki Donald
Business Studies, Economics and Management: Matt Derbyshire
Education: Liz Marchant
Geography, Sports Science: Jessica Vivian
International Relations, Politics, Area Studies: Concetta Seminara
Medicine and Health Science: Todd Hummel
Physical Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science & Technology: Richard Delahunty

For general inquiries, please contact:
Leon Heward-Mills
Global Journals Publishing Director

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