Subscription access

Provide easy access to the right research at the right time. We offer flexible journal purchasing options to support your organization's goals and suit your budget. Build your custom plan with comprehensive journal subscriptions across various subject areas and research disciplines.

F1000 Open Science

An open access publishing platform supporting data deposition and sharing.  Publish all your findings including null results, data notes and more.  Engage with your reviewers openly and transparently.  Accelerate the impact of your research.

Open Research

Every researcher should have relevant, realistic options to publish and share their work openly.  At Taylor & Francis we are helping to make this happen through Choose Open.

Research Intelligence

Using cutting edge machine learning algorithms, continuously generates analytics about the scientific developments that are the harbingers of our future world to progress research in the right direction, further and faster - Your personal research assistant

Researcher Services

Publish your research fast, openly and without restrictions.  Share all your findings, from traditional research articles to null/negative results, small findings, case reports, data notes and others.  Signed peer reviews and author responses are published alongside each article.

Journal Author Support

Our Author Services site is full of practical advice and information to support journal authors through every step of their research publishing journey.

Editing Services

Taylor & Francis offers a full range of pre-submission manuscript preparation services to help you maximize the impact of your research and improve the quality of your manuscript. Our list of services includes English language editing, translation with editing, manuscript formatting, plagiarism check, and technical review.

Library Support

The Taylor & Francis Librarian Resources site provides information, support, and insights to help librarians develop their collections, engage library users, enhance their institution's scholarly communications, and navigate the changing library and information landscape.

Journal Editor Support

Journal editors are the gatekeepers for quality and responsible research content. The Taylor & Francis Editor Resources website aims to provide insights and support for our journal editors to maximize journal impact, and connect them with the editor community.