If time is critical in your publishing strategy, our Accelerated Publication options are available on a select number of biomedical journals and can help you get your research into a high-quality, peer-reviewed journal, fast.

With Accelerated Publication, you can:

  • coordinate your publishing schedule with conferences, drug approvals, and drug launches
  • keep competitive advantage by getting your discoveries to market quickly
  • speed up the peer review process without sacrificing quality or rigor

Choose your publishing track

For many journals there are two options for Accelerated Publication:

  • 3-5 weeks from submission to online publication.
  • 7-9 weeks from submission to online publication.

These timelines rely on authors making revisions and returning required paperwork on schedule. We can meet the tight turnaround times by putting additional resources into monitoring and administering peer review and production processes.

What to expect

Start by exploring the full list of journals offering Accelerated Publication, and determine the right journal for your research. Your options include many journals indexed in the Science Citation Index, Science Citation Index Expanded, Scopus, and MEDLINE.

When you’ve decided on a journal, visit its homepage on Taylor & Francis Online to find Instructions for Authors and specific information about Accelerated Publication submissions.

Once you’ve submitted your manuscript, it will start its journey through either the Publish in 3 – 5 weeks from submission or Publish in 7 – 9 weeks from submission route. In both cases, articles are accepted after peer review.

Publish in 3 – 5 weeks from submission*

  • Submission to acceptance: 2-3 weeks
    • 1-2 weeks for peer review
    • 1 week for author revision
  • Acceptance to online publication: 1-2 weeks, with proofs within 5 working days and 48 hours for author review

Cost per article: $7000 / €6200 / £5500

Publish in 7 – 9 weeks from submission*

  • Submission to acceptance: 5-6 weeks
    • 3-4 weeks for peer review
    • 2 weeks for author revision
  • Acceptance to online publication: 2-3 weeks, with proofs within 10 working days

Cost per article: $3900 / €3400 / £3000

*The schedules of both tracks rely on authors making revisions in the specified timelines and returning the necessary author disclosure, copyright, and publication support paperwork provided by the editorial office.

†In recognition of the time constraints required of them, reviewers of Papers taking the 3-5 weeks option are paid an honorarium of £120 (or equivalent in local currency) on completion of their review. This time frame is clear in all correspondence to reviewers invited to review submissions taking the 3 – 5 weeks option, and they accept the invitation on this basis.

Due to the costs incurred to meet Accelerated Publication timeframes, Taylor & Francis reserves the right to a partial charge of the Accelerated Publication fee if the author withdraws their paper.

Ensuring quality

Acceptance of articles in all journals offering Accelerated Publication is driven entirely by editorial considerations and independent peer review, ensuring the highest standards are maintained no matter the route to publication.

Authors are only charged if their paper is accepted; there is no charge for using the service if the paper is rejected. We reserve the right to a partial charge if the author withdraws their paper.

As a publisher, Taylor & Francis uphold the highest standards of ethical publishing and comply with ICMJE, COPE and GPP-3 guidelines. Need more information? Contact us.

Questions before you select Accelerated Publication?

Journals offering Accelerated Publication

Explore the following titles to determine the best fit for your research. All of these journals also offer open access publishing options, making research accessible to the widest possible audience.

*7-9 weeks option is not available.

**With the exception of Journal of Medical Economics, all the Accelerated Publication journals offer a Standard Track route to publish with no charge for the author. For information relating to timelines for this option, please view the Instructions for Authors page on journal homepages.

*** Only 7-9 weeks option available on these journals

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Ready to submit?

From your chosen journal's homepage, follow the Instructions for Authors to submit your article for Accelerated Publication.