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At Taylor & Francis, we help scholarly societies realize and exceed their publishing aspirations.

With a collaborative approach tailored to your association’s specific goals, we provide a wide range of publication services, technical support, expert insights, and exclusive benefits to serve your members, staff, and wider community.

To submit a proposal for your new journal idea, or to discuss the potential transfer of your existing journal to Taylor & Francis, please contact our Journal Partnerships team.

Why partner with us?



Your team will benefit from a comprehensive onboarding program, plus ongoing access to journal performance updates, live events and webinars, editor resources, and industry insights.



We provide a network of multimedia resources for researchers, reviewers, and editors. We support you in your society-led initiatives and membership goals, and promote industry-wide knowledge sharing and dialogue.



Our end-to-end production systems facilitate a seamless experience from submission to peer review, typesetting, and publication — while preserving the attention to detail and personal touches that your members expect.



Marketing and sales teams take a data-driven, customer-led approach to growing your readership. With agile sales strategies and targeted digital marketing campaigns, we ensure your publications can reach the right audiences worldwide.


Choose Open.

Our continuously evolving range of tools, services, and products are designed to help you open up the research process, share findings, and deliver impact.



With F1000, our society partners can explore innovative and open approaches to publishing, reviewing, and accessing research.

Our books publishing program offers special opportunities for societies to further engage, inform, and grow their membership. Learn more about partnering with our Routledge and CRC Press imprints.

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