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The Renal Drug Database helps patient care teams to improve safety in the pharmaceutical care of renally-impaired patients. Validated by the U.K. Renal Pharmacy Group and regularly updated by clinical pharmacists drawing on real-world evidence, The Renal Drug Database provides the most accurate, timely and clinically robust information that caregivers and patients can depend on for safer care and better outcomes.

With The Renal Drug Database, you can:

  • Search quickly – the site will suggest drug names as you type
  • Get more results – search will return every place the search term appears, including Important Drug Interactions
  • See previous searches – find drugs you commonly search quicker with a list of your previous searches
Full access to over 900 drug monographs
Timely updates and expert validation reviews
Guided and supported by the UK Renal Pharmacy Group
Trusted by thousands of healthcare professionals and institutions


videosWatch our 2-minute video to see how the Renal Drug Database can help you make informed, confident decisions that support treatment and therapy for renal patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Renal Drug Handbook

The Renal Drug Handbook is a handy accompaniment to the database containing the same level of detailed information in 900 monographs in an accessible, portable print volume. It is updated every 5-6 years.

The current fifth edition was fully updated prior to publication in 2018 and provides healthcare professionals with a single reference of easily retrievable, practical information relating to drug use, sourced from the practical experience of renal units throughout the UK, available in both print and eBook formats.

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“Overall, this is an excellent handbook for anybody who wants to learn about drugs at a glance or wishes a quality reference for prescribing for those with renal impairment.”

Amita Maibam, University of Kentucky College of Medicine

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This essential resource provides pharmacists with timely, trusted and easily-accessible information to support prescribing decisions for patients with renal impairment including renal replacement therapy