Open access conference material supplements are peer-reviewed, permanent, and citable. They record the full measure of research around a common thread, as presented at a workshop, congress, or conference, for the scientific record. Conference material supplements can include the following article types:

  • Poster extracts
  • Conference abstracts
  • Presentation extracts

Many of our medical journals accept conference material supplements. Submissions are subject to peer review for acceptance. You can read published conference material supplements in the Expert Review of Clinical Immunology from Almirall and Takeda.

Pricing and publication routes

The price of a supplement is based on the number of articles included. We offer three publishing timelines for conference material supplements. The cost for each article consists of an open access Article Publishing Charge (APC) and, if selected, an Accelerated Publication charge.

Standard Track

Articles accepted after peer review

Publish in
14-16 weeks from submission

Per Article (GBP)

Standard Publication: £0

APC: £4,000

Total per article: £4,000

Rapid Track

Articles accepted after peer review

Accelerated Publication:
7-9 weeks from submission

Per Article (GBP)

Accelerated Publication: £3,000

APC: £3,925

Total per article: £6,925

Fast Track

Articles accepted after peer review

Accelerated Publication:
3-5 weeks from submission

Per Article (GBP)

Accelerated Publication: £5,500

APC: £3,925

Total per article: £9,425

About the article charges

The Accelerated Publication charge covers the publisher resources required to expedite peer review and production, without sacrificing quality or rigor. The shorter timeline give you greater flexibility to coordinate your publishing schedule with conferences and other relevant events. Find more detailed information here.

The APC supports a range of services which help ensure the trust, quality, and impact of your open access publication. Your content benefits from the following:

  • Robust peer review: Experts in your field provide an objective and constructive evaluation of your work ahead of publication.
  • Online discoverability: Our journals are indexed in internationally-recognized citation and abstract databases, including PubMed, the Journal Citation Reports (JCR), Scopus, and Google Scholar.
  • Visibility and impact: No barriers to access means anyone can read, cite, and use your research, whoever or wherever they are. From policymakers to journalists, your research can inspire and inform.
  • Rapid online publication: Your supplement will be made available on Taylor & Francis Online soon after acceptance, freely and permanently accessible to anyone who needs it.
  • Freedom: Your choice of Creative Commons license allows you to comply with any funder mandates and control how others use your work.

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Ensuring quality

As a publisher, Taylor & Francis upholds the highest standards of ethical publishing and complies with ICMJE, COPE, and GPP-3 guidelines.

All research published in Taylor & Francis journals must have been conducted according to international and local guidelines ensuring ethically conducted research. Acceptance of articles is driven entirely by editorial considerations and independent peer review, ensuring the highest standards.

All authors are expected to follow Taylor & Francis’ editorial policies on authorship, research, and publication ethics, consent to publish identifiable information, and declaration of competing interests. Authors are encouraged to read these prior to submission to ensure they have adhered to these policies, obtained any required consent to publish and copyright permissions, and declared any competing interests for all listed authors of each specific poster/presentation/study.

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