This year’s Botany Conference will be delivered in a hybrid format, with options to attend in person or virtually with live-streamed sessions and conversations and all of the recorded content available to view and review in the online archive.

With Special lectures, Symposia, Colloquia, Contributed Talks, Excursions, Poster sessions, workshops and much more, Botany 2022 offers a range of events for any researcher, student or practitioner working within the field of botany.

Taylor & Francis publishes a diverse collection of research in the field of Botany, from medicinal plants and food production to conservation, including books such as Biology of Plant Volatiles,  Medicinal Plants for Cosmetics, Health and Diseases, and Plant Biochemistry, and peer-reviewed journals including Plant Ecology & Diversity and Botany Letters.

Related Insights & Resources

Plant Computational and Quantitative Genomics:

This collection invites contributions that present computational studies, software solutions, databases, and online services that focus on the use of sequence-variant information in plants. The envisioned scope of studies ranges from variant calling, profiling of SNPs in genomic regions with the goal to identify sequence motifs, to the identification of candidate genes via GWAS, and the application and development of statistical/machine learning models for genomic selection and their use in breeding projects

Plant Metabolomics:

Metabolomics has been applied to a wide range of fields since its emergence as a new methodological approach. In plant sciences, many research topics have been revisited using metabolomics namely: chemotaxonomy, plant physiology, pathology, organism interactions and correlation with bioactivity. This collection is dedicated to the publication of content related to plant metabolomics including technical developments, data mining and applications.

Plant Science Gateway

Publishing research in botany to help the plant science ecosystem grow

The gateway has been developed on the F1000Research platform as a resource for the community to publish, share and learn about the latest research in plant science. Articles published to this gateway will cover all aspects of the subject including, but not limited to, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, and Taxonomy and Systematics, and each research output will be representative of the ethos of F1000; rapid and transparent publication of accessible research for the betterment of the wider plant science community.