BABCP Annual Conference
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The Annual Conference for the British Association for Behavior and Cognitive Psychotherapies brings together students, researchers and practitioners working across the field of Behavior and Cognitive psychotherapies.

The 50th Annual BABCP Conference offers the opportunity for established names in CBT and new presenters to provide updates in the field across a variety of topics, through one day workshops, the conference and the annual general meeting.

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Authors speaking at BABCP 2022

Keynote Address 8: Cultivating Ecosystems of Care: Mindfulness, action, and compassion

Sona Dimidjian, University of Colorado Boulder, USA, author of Behavioral Activation for Depression, and Evidence-Based Practice in Action

Keynote Address 10 - Increasing access to CBT for child anxiety problems

Symposium 33 – Training and Professional Issues – Making the most of the possibilities in clinical research: Accessing support and advice to build clinical research: the NIHR Mental Health Research Incubator

Symposium 38 – Child and Adolescent – Parent interventions in the prevention and treatment of children’s mental health difficulties

Cathy Creswell, University of Oxford, UK, author of Parent-Led CBT for Child Anxiety

Symposium 4 – Adult Mental Health – Mindfulness in restrictive Settings: challenges and opportunities

Keynote Address 2 – Is Mindfulness (-based cognitive therapy) coming of age?

Symposium 8 – Therapeutic Techniques and Processes – The Evolution of Mindfulness (- Based Cognitive Therapy) into new formats, populations, and contexts: Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of universal school-based mindfulness training compared with normal school provision in reducing risk of mental health problems and promoting well-being in adolescence: the MYRIAD cluster randomised controlled trial

Panel Debate 8 – Adult Mental Health – Is this as good as it’s going to get—have we reached the “efficacy ceiling” in CBT for depression?

Willem Kuyken, University of Oxford, UK, author of Mindfulness, co-author of Collaborative Case Conceptualization

Keynote Address 4 (Pre-recorded presentation) – Action and dialogue in psychotherapy: A dance of equals

Christine Padesky, Center for Cognitive Therapy in Huntington Beach, California, USA, author of Mind Over Mood, and The Clinician's Guide to CBT Using Mind Over Mood and co-author of Collaborative Case Conceptualization

Workshop 2 – Therapeutic Techniques and Processes – Behavioural experiments for intolerance of uncertainty: A new treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Symposium 13 – Child and Adolescent – Cognitive and behavioural interventions for children and young people: A Mental Health Drop-In Centre Offering Brief Transdiagnostic Psychological Assessment and Treatment in a Paediatric Hospital Setting

Symposium 18 – Behavioural Medicine – The Presentation and Treatment of long COVID across the lifespan

Panel Debate 7 – Adult Mental Health – List 25 Psychologists whose work you intend to ignore, and justify your choice': A tribute to Stanley 'Jack' Rachman

Keynote Address 12 – Too good for your own good? Advances in the understanding and treatment of clinical perfectionism

Symposium 32 – Adult Mental Health – New developments in OCD

Roz Shafran, University College London, UK, author of Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Perfectionism