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The 2022 Association for Educational Communications and Technology International Convention will bring together researchers, students and practitioners interested in exploring and engaging with learning design. Performance improvement and new technologies in the field of Educational communications.

This year’s AECT International Conference theme is Homecoming (Homestaying): A Return to Learning through Innovation and will include sessions around evidence-based practices and emerging technologies, allowing attendees to engage with each other, share their research findings and further their professional development.

The AECT International Convention brings together educational researchers and practitioners interested in learning design, performance improvement, and educational uses of technology. Join us as we share and learn about recent research and evidence-based best practices and engage in professional networking. Working in and around technology, where every year the newest gadgets are smaller and faster and more powerful and less expensive, it can be difficult to stay oriented toward our north star of student learning. This year’s convention focuses on this central question: How does my work impact student learning?

Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, is a proud publisher of AECT’s community of scholars. Our course textbooks, large-scale disciplinary handbooks, research volumes, and professional titles showcase the field’s commitment to supporting researchers, students, teaching faculty, and designers and developers.

Routledge offers special congratulations to Ian A. Lubin, who has won the Outstanding Book Award from the Division of Culture, Learning, and Technology for his book ICT and International Learning Ecologies: Representation and Sustainability Across Contexts. We also commend our authors who received awards in 2021 from AECT.

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