FasterForward is our approach to sustainable business.

It commits us to a series of activities between 2020 – 2025 that will ensure we become an ever more sustainable, positive impact business.

We are moving FasterForward to embed sustainability into everything we do and connect our customers and the communities we serve with the knowledge to do the same.

Faster to Zero

Moving faster to become a zero waste and net zero carbon business.

To help meet the urgent challenges of a changing world, we are working to become a zero waste and net zero carbon business by 2030. As part of Informa, Taylor & Francis is proud to have already achieved CarbonNeutral® certification in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol.

Faster to Zero Commitments

  1. Become carbon neutral across our products by 2025
  2. Halve the waste generated through our products by 2025
  3. Become zero waste and net zero carbon by 2030 or earlier

Sustainability Inside

Embedding sustainability inside our products to help our customers advance sustainable development in their areas of expertise.

Taylor & Francis is committed to validating and amplifying knowledge to improve real-world outcomes. We support researchers, academic communities, and professionals in the publication, dissemination and curation of quality, trusted content that supports the advancement and achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainability Inside Commitments

  1. Embed sustainability inside 100% of our products by 2025
  2. Help and promote the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals through our content

Impact Multiplier

Multiplying the positive impact we can create when we improve access to knowledge, helps people connect more efficiently and invest in our communities

Through the content we publish, Taylor & Francis helps connect and inform those who struggle to access knowledge. We aim to reduce inequalities in several ways:

Impact Multiplier Commitments

  1. Enable 1 million disconnected people to access networks and knowledge by 2025
  2. Contribute value of at least 1% of profit before tax to community groups by 2025
  3. Save customers more carbon than we emit by 2025