Taylor & Francis helps funders to deliver their mission.

As purpose-driven organizations we understand that you want to make research available as quickly as possible to a wide audience and to demonstrate the impact your funding delivers. We provide the tools to do all of this. Along with that, we share the common goal of making researchers’ lives as easy as possible.


Accelerating Access to Research

For over 200 years, Taylor & Francis has worked to establish trust and provide access to research outputs. We have done this by working in partnership with all of those involved in research. We have continuously evolved to meet our partners’ needs. Working in partnership with funders, our goal is to support a range of publishing venues and funding models so that every researcher and research community has an appropriate place to share their work.

We offer a range of publishing choices, and proactively encourage researchers to Choose Open as the best route to accelerate access to research. Openness may take different forms and include publishing Open Access in one of our full OA titles or hybrid journals, or by adopting a route to Open Research from our growing range of OR services.

We support funders by sign-posting to researchers how they can ensure their research publishing meets funders’ requirements through the submission process.

F1000 Research, in particular, has developed a range of partnerships with research funding agencies to support their aims to accelerate access to research findings and maximize the potential for the use, reuse and impact of research.

F1000 Research’s transparent publishing approach, paired with the ability to rapidly publish a wide diversity of research output types, is also popular among researchers keen to build a research portfolio.

Demonstrating impact

We understand that it is a priority for funders to understand the output and impact of their grants. We have built tools into our systems to make it easy for researchers to associate their paper with their funding, and we support a range of metrics, including article views, citation information and altmetrics to help researchers and funders understand the impact their paper has had.

Taylor & Francis and F1000 Research integrate our systems with CrossRef’s Funder Registry. Researchers are encouraged to input their funder ID and research grant reference at submission, and to acknowledge it in their final, submitted publication.