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Written by expert authors who are often carrying out training, consultancy and teaching, our content has supported millions of readers with their professional development and helped them to gain new skills.

Our books and chapters are used by large and small businesses to deliver training and certification, achieve learning and development goals and improve research and development outcomes. They can even be customised to enable brand building and marketing outreach.  

We are proud to publish exciting new ideas, best practice and research findings that help solve real world problems and improve people’s lives.  

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Practitioner Reference

Our reference books are trusted by practioners to answer everyday questions and often set the standard in their field of work. They are an important source of revenue for specialist resellers and can be used as giveaways and corporate gifts. 

Business Solutions

Our content can help both individuals do their jobs better and the organisations where they work achieve their goals. Available in digital formats our books and chapters can be easily shared with staff across multiple locations.

Learning & Development

Training and developing your staff doesn’t need to be costly and involve days out of the office. Select from thousands of books on our award-winning platform to provide in-depth content to develop your talent and keep their skills current. A flexible solution that can be used to provide your staff with specific information you need them to read or a range of content they can browse and dip in and out of as and when they need to. 

Our books support a range of organisational goals such as improving mental health and wellbeing, embedding leadership, coaching and mentoring best practice, and delivering money-saving process improvements. They also provide leading industry insight and practical guidance for those working in education, aviation, maritime and many more sectors. 

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Training & Certification

We have a range of textbooks and reference books that have been written specifically to meet the needs of professional certification and have helped hundreds of thousands of practitioners achieve qualification and progress their career. Our emphasis on pedagogy, combined with imaginative design, provides those studying with the information they need to succeed, and guides them to further study and independent learning.

Our textbooks often come with additional teaching materials and are available to training organisations for review so they can be evaluated. Discounts are available when purchased in bulk in both digital and print format.  These books can also be customised, for example with your logo added to the cover or an introduction or foreword added. 

Take a look at our training resources in the following areas:

3 ways to support your training business

Case Study

I provide consultancy services for high achieving businesses and sports individuals. I purchased a Taylor & Francis book which was the best I had ever read in this field. I approached Taylor & Francis to see if they could adapt the book specifically for my clients. Taylor & Francis created a custom edition with a new name, a redesigned jacket and integrated a new foreword, afterword, and inserted a new set of case studies that I authored. I had several thousand copies produced which I use to promote my services and support my consultancy work.

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Remote and Flexible Working

Take a look at our latest books that will help you and your business adapt.

Complimentary e-inspection copy

Our online inspection copies are easy to access and simple to use. Browse relevant textbooks and get in touch when you have found a suitable book for your course. 

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Buy textbooks and training materials in bulk and save. Get in touch to find out more about our discounts and services.

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Brand Building & Marketing

Our flexible digital content allows us to customise books to create marketing solutions at an affordable price. Chapters from different books can be easily combined to provide you with a unique giveaway that gives value to clients and potential new customers as well as build your brand. Branded with your logo these can be used to build awareness and generate engagement with new audiences you are trying to reach. 

Case Study

We are an engineering consultancy and identified a Taylor & Francis book that we were able to brand. As well as inserting a foreword from our Chairman, we purchased hundreds of books for both internal and external use, explaining the organisations corporate responsibility goals in environment and sustainable development. We were also able to use the book as teaching material for courses and training sessions that we provide each year.

R&D Databases

Our databases provide access to the latest chemical information that supports research and development, helping businesses in Pharma, Food, Cosmetics, Agriculture and beyond.

Dictionary of Natural Products

Stay competitive with access to the latest chemical, physical, and structural data on natural products. The Dictionary of Natural Products provides you with the properties and complete history of relevant literature for over 300,000 natural compounds.

It helps chemists research and develop new solutions for many industries including:

  • Pharmaceuticals: Stay up-to-date on changes in natural product information and explore novel natural products as a source of new drugs.
  • Food Sciences/Nutraceuticals:  Ensure your products meet consumers changing tastes and health considerations by understanding shifting natural product information.
  • Cosmetics: Develop more natural and organic products safely and efficiently.

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