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As one of the world’s leading publishers of scholarly journals and books, Taylor & Francis works with a wide and diverse community of experts from a variety of geographies and backgrounds who come together to share and challenge the ideas that shape their fields. When you publish with Taylor & Francis you can reach a broad, global audience and we provide the tools to help you make an impact. Explore our Research Impact Collection, a global portfolio of books and journals which provide expert guidance that increases awareness and understanding of research impact as well as to provide practical tips for researchers around the world.

Journal Authors:

Taylor & Francis publishes over 2,700 high-quality, peer-reviewed journals across a broad range of research areas, and we are one of the world’s largest publishers of open access research.  We provide authors with a full range of tools and services for publishing peer-reviewed research papers, for sharing knowledge, data, posters and conference papers, as well as other forms of research communication.

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Book Authors:

Taylor & Francis is the world’s leading academic publisher in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and STEM. Together with our imprints, Routledge and CRC Press, we publish thousands of books and key online products each year, serving scholars, instructors, and professional communities worldwide.

Publishing since the early twentieth century, our books program encompasses the liveliest texts and the best in research. Your book will become part of an exceptional list that includes titles by many of the greatest thinkers and scholars of the past hundred years, as well as great contemporary minds.

We give authors personalized, collaborative care. We streamline the process by responding promptly and efficiently to author queries at all stages of the publishing process. Our editorial assistants are on hand to help with queries, and author care continues past editorial to production, marketing, and sales—providing exceptional support and guidance from contract to publication and beyond.