Text and Data Mining means to perform extensive automated searches of content on our platform, including text, data, and images. It includes but is not limited to the sorting, parsing, addition or removal of linguistic structures, and the selection and inclusion of content into an index or database for purposes of classification or recognition of relations and associations.

Taylor & Francis recognises TDM is an emerging research practice. If you or your institution subscribes to content from Taylor & Francis you can carry out TDM activities on this content, as well as open access content, without any additional charge, provided this is on a non-commercial basis. 

Taylor & Francis requires those carrying out TDM activity on content available on our platform to adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in the STM model licence, or, as applicable, a TDM supplement to our content license agreement. 

If you intend to carry out TDM on a commercial basis, you should contact us at the address below to discuss your request and obtain a quote.

If you are planning to carry out TDM activity, we recommend that you contact us to ensure we can provide any access and support you may require. Please email [email protected], advising on your organisational affiliation (if any) and with a brief overview of your planned TDM activity.