Our portfolio of History books and journals explores both the history of regions and countries, and of time periods, and cultural periods, with best-selling books such as British Civilization, and American Civilization, and journals such as Rethinking History, and covering diverse subject areas such as Environmental History, Theory, Method & Historiography, and Women’s & Gender History. 

Partnered with societies such as the International Society for Cultural History, the Social History Society, and the International Association for Media and History, our history books and journals will be an essential resource to any budding or professional historians looking to describe, examine, and analyse past events and societies. 

Routledge History of Feminism

Focusing on the widely studied period between 1776-1928, the Routledge History of Feminism is an online platform with 1000s of chapters of primary source collections that are available for the first time in electronic format.

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