QS Higher Education Summit 2023

QS Higher Education Summit 2023

The QS Higher Education Summit: Asia Pacific 2023, happening from November 7-9 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, will focus on how universities in the region can prepare students for the changing world of work. The event will address strategies for enhancing students’ creativity and adaptability, industry collaboration for talent development, new industry research partnerships, and the impact of AI in education. It aims to foster a better understanding of how universities can adapt to the evolving job market and society, promoting positive change in higher education in the Asia Pacific region.

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Open Research: Strategies to Maximise and Safeguard the Value and Trust in Research

Date: 7 November 2023

Time: 3.00pm – 4.00pm (GMT +8)

Venue: Auditorium Exhibition Hall 8BC (Level 4)

‘Trust’ is the cornerstone of an open society and every person and organization seeks to be trusted above all else. Academia is facing particular issues with regards to both trust and return-on-investment as the broader society challenges decades old assumptions, demands more transparency, and seeks value for money. There is no doubt that academia is rising to the challenge, and there is strong alignment around global initiatives such as the SDGs: but how does the emerging Open Research ecosystem support academia’s mission, and what more can Open Research do to safeguard trust?

The panellists in this session have extensive experience in academia, funding, and publishing and will share their perspectives.

Keywords: Predatory Publishing; Collaboration; Peer Review; Validation; Impact; Informing Policy; Research Assessment; Author Rights; Decolonizing Knowledge; Equitable and Diverse Scholarly Ecosystem; Rankings and Benchmarking


Caroline Sutton, CEO, International Association of Science, Technology and Medical Publisher at STM


  • Dr Liz Allen, Director of Strategic Initiatives at F1000
  • Dr Susanne Rentzow-Vasu, Regional (ASEAN) Project Director at European Comission-funded EURAXESS Worldwide
  • Prof Abhi Veerakumarasivam, Provost at Provost, Sunway University Malaysia

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Taylor & Francis Group is committed to working collaboratively and creatively with institutions and partners to drive a sustainable shift towards open research.

We recognize that every institution is at a different stage of their open access journey, so we’ve developed a range of OA options. Each one can be adapted to suit the priorities of your organization. These include:

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Visit the T&F Spring Showcase:

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