Frankfurt Book Fair 2023

Frankfurt Book Fair 2023

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Taylor & Francis and F1000 will be joining the Frankfurt Book Fair this year for its 75th anniversary and are looking forward to connecting with members of the publishing community from around the world and celebrating this year’s Guest of Honor: Slovenia.  We will be hosting two speaking sessions this year, and will be at stand D15 in Hall 4.0 if you would like to drop in and say hi!

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Advancing diverse open access pathways for humanities & social sciences

To address the unique challenges faced by researchers in the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS), we aim to shed light on the various open access pathways available for the HSS community, and contribute to a broader understanding of the evolving landscape of open access in the HSS fields. We also hope to highlight the importance of increased multi-stakeholder collaboration to enable equitable access to knowledge, fostering a diverse, open and inclusive research culture.

On Thursday 19th October at 2:00PM – 2:30PM join Carolyn Kirby, Vice President, Europe, Middle East & North Africa for Taylor & Francis and Ellie Souster, Head of Transformative Agreement at Taylor & Francis as they discuss the Open Access pathway options for researchers working in Humanities and Social Sciences.

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Tips from the top: getting heard at board level

Research has shown that—due mainly to lifelong social conditioning and manterrupters—workplace assertiveness can be more challenging for women. But careers move faster and businesses do better when all the voices are heard, so how do women make sure their thoughts make it into the mix? It’s not just a question of speaking louder. Our experienced panelists will share the methods that work for them, from effective communication, to setting boundaries and self-belief.

On Friday 20th October at 10:00AM – 11:00AM, Nitasha Devasar, Managing Director and Commercial Lead for South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa at Taylor & Francis will take part in a panel session, discussing their methods for getting heard at board level, from effective communication to setting boundaries and self-belief.

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Introducing Routledge Open Research
Introducing Routledge Open Research:
Launching in April 2022, Routledge Open Research combines F1000’s innovative publishing model and technology with Routledge’s global reputation and reach to offer the world’s first open research publishing platform specifically for the HSS community that combines books, articles, and other research outputs in one interdisciplinary venue.
Visit the T&F Spring Showcase
Visit the T&F Spring Showcase:
A virtual exhibition of a wide range of specialist titles in our Rights, Translations and Licensing Agreements Showcase, where you can download subject catalogues and Spring/ Summer 2022 Rights Guides for both Routledge and CRC Press imprints.
Discover Open Plus Books
Discover Open Plus Books from Taylor & Francis and F1000
Open Plus Books fuse F1000’s open research technology and publishing process with the traditional books model, reimagining open access books. The books sit on a dynamic, updateable and interactive open research publishing Platform, which can be updated, revised and amended at any time.