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The European Geosciences Union’s annual General Assembly brings together students, researchers and practitioners working in Geophysics and affiliated fields to offer opportunities to network with government regulators to Earth and space scientists and thought leaders, share ideas and identify innovative solutions to problems in the field.

Branching across the discipline of Earth, planetary and space sciences, the EGU General Assembly will be again delivered in a hybrid format, with on-site experiences as well as concepts that will be delivered virtually so that members from around the world can benefit from the conference.

Taylor & Francis publishes a large portfolio of peer-reviewed books and journals on Earth and Space Science including All EarthSustainable Environment and LHB: Hydroscience Journal, and Spatial Analysis for Radar Remote Sensing of Tropical Forests, and Climate Variability of Southern High Latitude Regions Sea Ice and Atmosphere offering a complex exploration of the subject area from undergraduate to an industry practitioner level.