2023 Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association

The annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association brings together education researchers from across the world to engage, share ideas, and showcase innovative studies from a range of areas.  The theme for this year’s meeting is ‘Interrogating Consequential Education Research in Pursuit of Truth‘.

The 2023 AERA Annual Meeting will be held in Chicago from April 13th to April 16th. Virtual sessions of recordings from in-person events will then be presented from May 4th to 5th. The event will feature 45 AERA Presidential Sessions along with hundreds of papers, roundtables, poster sessions and symposia.

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Routledge Open Research

Routledge Open Research

Routledge Open Research is an open research platform for scholars to publish their research outputs swiftly and in an open and accessible way.

Delivering a rapid and streamlined publishing experience for authors across the Arts, Humanities, Behavioral and Social Sciences, scholars can increase the reach and credibility of their research by publishing a wide range of outputs.

Find out how Routledge Open Research supports HSS scholars to influence research, policy, and practice to make a real-world impact.


Cogent Education

Cogent Education

Cogent Education is Routledge Education’s flagship open access megajournal and welcomes submissions across a range of educational subdisciplines, including Language Education, Curriculum & Teaching Studies, ICT in Education, and International and Comparative Education.

Authors can publish a range of outputs including peer-reviewed Research Articles and Review Articles all open access, free for anyone to read, share and cite. From July 2023, authors can publish Data Notes as Cogent Education becomes the first major peer-reviewed education journal to support the publication of Data on a permanent basis.

The journal will be expanding its scope by launching new sections across the next few years – including Sociology of Education in July 2023 – so keep your eyes peeled for new section releases relevant to your area!