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COVID-19: Novel Coronavirus Content
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As a leading publisher of trusted science, technology, medicine, humanities and social sciences research, Taylor & Francis is committed to helping public health authorities, researchers, clinicians and the general public contain and manage the spread of COVID-19.

This microsite provides links and references to all relevant COVID-19 research articles, book chapters and information that can be freely accessed on Taylor & Francis Online and Taylor & Francis ebooks in support of the global efforts in diagnosis, treatment, prevention and further research into COVID-19. As signatories to NIH’s Access to Research initiative, along with the Wellcome Trust’s coordinated action on sharing research data and findings relevant to the outbreak, Taylor & Francis has been working with WHO to ensure this content is clearly signposted. We are also aligning  the OSTP’s initiative to centralise resources on PubMed and are currently working with them to ensure rapid human and machine-readable access (where possible) to research articles and data through the NLM’s LitCovid portal.

More research in this field has been collated by colleagues at F1000Research, through a dedicated Gateway which showcases research published in this area, including preprints, to ensure immediate access to the latest research developments https://f1000research.com/gateways/disease_outbreaks/coronavirus

Prioritising rapid publication of COVID-19 materials

We are working with our editors to prioritise peer review of all relevant research. We are also focusing our workflow to ensure that materials related to the outbreak are fast-tracked through the publication process once they are approved. Editors are proactively encouraging authors to publish and share the data that forms the basis of their research in line with FAIR data principles, and our own data policies.

We are continually monitoring the developments of the coronavirus and spread of COVID-19, and we will continue to update the content on this site on a regular basis.

Updated to reflect the latest research on COVID-19, Dictionary of Drugs is now freely accessible until December 2020. The database presents accurate, up to date, and concise information on currently marketed drugs, drugs undergoing clinical trials, as well as pharmacological tools; this is a one-stop resource for the medicinal chemist. Dictionary of Drugs consists of 15,569 entries and 59,684 compounds.

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  1. Joyce S. F. D. Almeida , Fernanda D. Botelho , Felipe R. de Souza , Marcelo C. dos Santos , Arlan da Silva Goncalves , Rodrigo L. B. Rodrigues , Monique Cardozo , Daniel A. S. Kitagawa , Leandro A. Vieira , Raphael S. F. Silva , Samir F. A. Cavalcante , Leonardo da C. Bastos , Mariana de O. T. Nogueira , Priscila I. R. de Santana , Juliana de O. C. Brum , Eugenie Nepovimova , Kamil Kuca , Steven R. LaPlante , Erick B. F. Galante , Tanos C. C. Franca
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    Published online: 21 Dec 2020
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    Published online: 3 Dec 2020


  1. Tapas Kumar Koley, Monika Dhole
    Chapter 2: Pandemic: The Basic Principles
    Chapter 6: COVID 19: The Signs of Death
    Published: 31 August 2020 Routledge India
  2. Claudine Burton-Jeangros
    Chapter 4: Epidemics and risk communication
    Chapter 1: The challenges of building pandemic response systems based on unique cases
    Chapter 3: Comparing the 2009 A(H1N1) pandemic and 2014 Ebola virus disease
    Published: 2019 Routledge
  3. Leonhard Held, Niel Hens, Philip D O'Neill, Jacco Wallinga
    3: Infectious Disease Data from Surveillance, Outbreak Investigation, and Epidemiological Studies
    5: Key Parameters in Infectious Disease Epidemiology
    6: Contact Patterns for Contagious Diseases
    Published: 2019 Routledge
  4. Yves Beigbeder
    Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and the avian influenza
    The H1N1 flu pandemic crisis and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)
    Published: 2017 Routledge
  5. Edited ByDavid L. Blazes, Sheri H. Lewis
    Chapters: 4: Surveillance challenges in resource - limited settings
    11: Role of mass gathering surveillance
    6: Effective public health data visualization
    Published: 2016 Routledge
  6. Edited By Sunit K. Singh
    25: Emergence and Pathogenesis of Swine Influenza Viruses in Humans
    6: Aerosol Spread and Communicability of Respiratory Viruses
    7: Environmental Variables in the Transmission of Respiratory Viruses
    Published: 2017 Routledge
  7. Edited By Xuefei Ren, Roger Keil
    Chapter:Global cities and the spread of infectious disease: the case of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in Toronto, Canada
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  8. Edited ByMichael Gleeson, Nicolette Bishop, Neil Walsh
    Chapter 1: Exercise and Infection and Chapter 9: Exercise, nutrition and immune function
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    Published online: 4 Nov 2020
  3. Yashpal Singh Malik , Mohd Ikram Ansari , Balasubramanian Ganesh , Shubhankar Sircar , Sudipta Bhat , Tripti Pande , OR Vinodhkumar , Prashant Kumar , Mohd Iqbal Yatoo , Ruchi Tiwari , Nadia Touil , Shailesh Kumar Patel , Mamta Pathak , Khan Sharun , Kuldeep Dhama
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  8. review-article
    Mark R. Denison, Rachel L. Graham, Eric F. Donaldson, Lance D. Eckerle, Ralph S. Baric
    Published online: 1 Mar 2011
  9. review-article
    Mark R. Denison, Rachel L. Graham, Eric F. Donaldson, Lance D. Eckerle, Ralph S. Baric
    Published online: 1 Mar 2011
  10. Published online:
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