Learning & Development

We’ve a great track record of supporting personal and professional development and helping our colleagues to be the best they can be. Here, development is a two-way partnership. From day one, we’ll help you take ownership of your career journey and understand what you need to do next to progress.

We provide all kinds of innovative training opportunities, from workshops and e-learning to mentoring and an L&D programme that helps us grow our own future leaders. You’ll also develop your skills and learn on-the-job, as you get involved with a variety of different projects. We’ve a real passion for development, because our talented people drive our success.

Career Directions

We believe in listening carefully to our colleagues so we can meet their changing needs. To help our colleagues get ready to take their careers to the next level, we took on board their feedback from our annual employee survey and launched Career Directions, an innovative new global development programme. Over 200 people have already taken part in exercises and personal development sessions at our development centres and received feedback from senior leaders to help them progress.

“The one to one with my observer was very supportive and accurate. It’s given me a clear plan of how I can make improvements to my day to day working style and approach.”
Alison Foyle, Senior Publisher, Routledge Education

“Although I was apprehensive beforehand I am very glad I challenged myself to attend the centre. I came away feeling confident and good about the strengths I have and how I can develop my weaknesses into strengths.”
Lucy Giles, Senior Marketing Manager, Network Marketing

“The whole day was really beneficial. It was good to be evaluated in a ‘safe’ environment. The day was challenging but it was good to hear exactly where I was and what I would need to do to reach the next level.”
Jane Wright, Journals Sales Manager, UK, Ireland and Sub Saharan Africa

“It was extremely helpful in giving me an idea of my strengths and weaknesses as a potential manager”
Kyle Meyer, Production Editor, Medical