Technology team

We’re leading the way during an exciting time of digital transformation for the academic publishing industry, delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that provide customers and colleagues with a great experience. Working with teams across our business, we’re building next generation platforms that remove roadblocks to knowledge sharing and connect people and insight all around the world.

Developing, delivering and supporting a wide range of technologies, we take the time to understand and meet the needs of our colleagues and customers. Working at pace, we love solving problems and thrive under pressure. If you’re curious, courageous, collaborative and passionate about technology and how it can be used – you’ll fit right in.


Bangalore’s T&F India office is a dynamic co-working space located in the heart of India’s silicon valley.  A growing team of individuals, we are passionate about technology, obsessed with learning and looking to connect the ever-expanding network of human knowledge.  Our remit is to apply agile principles, an entrepreneurial mindset and modern technologies to opportunities in the academic domain, providing T&F with solutions that will allow us to stay ahead of our competition.

T&F Hackathon

Our Hackathon focused on surfacing new opportunities that would make our customers’ lives easier. It fostered team bonding in a newly formed technology team with no hierarchy. In true collaboration, it brought together participants from Editorial, Sales, Marketing, Technology and Production to form teams. Each group’s challenge was to ideate, collaborate and execute their ideas within a 24-hour cycle. There were no hierarchies and job titles meant nothing. The only objective was to have fun and let the creative juices flow.

At the end of the 24 hours, the teams presented to the Exec team. Some of these ideas have been taken into active product development.