Rights & permissions

All material published by Taylor & Francis Group and its divisions is protected under UK, EU, US, and applicable international copyright and intellectual property laws, and we ask you to respect this when using our material.

Prior written consent is required if you wish to reproduce any of our material. Please be aware that there may be fees involved when material held under copyright is reproduced or translated.

To enable us to deal with your request promptly please supply us with as much information as possible.  Full details of our requirements follow below.

Please note that:

  • Permissions cannot be granted verbally. 
  • Taylor & Francis may not be the copyright holder of the extract or work you wish to use, even if the work was originally published by us. This is especially true with edited anthologies, as well as all illustrations, diagrams, and graphics. Please check the copyright or acknowledgment pages before making your request.
  • Electronic permissions (excluding e-books) can only be granted for one year or semester depending on the request. The following precautions must be taken to order for electronic permission to be granted:
    • The material must be protected by security software that protects the work from being copied, downloaded or printed;
    • Please note that your new publication must not contain more than 20% of original Taylor & Francis content.

When placing your request by fax or mail, please provide the following information:

  • title and author of the work from which you wish to reprint
  • the imprint (Routledge, Taylor & Francis, CRC Press, Garland, Marcel Dekker, etc.)
  • the exact page number for the material you wish to reprint. Please provide illustration, figure or chart number, if applicable, as well
  • title and publisher of your book, proposed date of publication, print run and price
  • requested rights (translation, e-book, etc.)
  • territories of distribution for which you require permission (US, North America, world, etc.)