Your research matters

Taylor & Francis supports your research. From submission to publication and beyond, our services are designed to help you validate findings with your peers and establish trust in your work. Your research should be available to everyone who can benefit from it and we provide the tools to help you make an impact that might just change the world.

With you every step of your research career

Whether you are starting out on your research journey, or you are a seasoned academic, we are here to support you with a range of tools to share research and collaborate for every stage of your career.

If you have findings to share, our Author Services site takes you through the best tools to do this. This could be in the form of a peer-reviewed research paper published in a traditional journal, or through F1000Research’s innovative publishing model, combining the speed of pre-prints, with the validation of open peer-review using the latest technology.

Or you might want to share knowledge and data in a different format:  to do this we have a growing range of tools to support data sharing and alternative forms of research communication such as posters and conference papers.

Our books program offers the option to share longer-form content in textbooks and monographs, and our author site gives you insights on how to see your book go from proposal to reality.

Making an impact in your research community

Each of the 2,700-plus journals we publish represents an individual research community, as do the scholarly societies and funders we work with.

Every researcher should have a platform to connect their work with their research community and beyond. This works best when experts from a variety of geographies and backgrounds share and challenge the ideas that shape their fields. We are keen to work with a wide and diverse community of authors, peer reviewers and editors.

As you move through your research career, taking on the role of an editor, editorial board member or peer reviewer gives you the opportunity to play a fundamental role in setting and defining the voice of your research community.

Find out more about what it takes to edit a journal, or how to get started in peer review.


Helping you to change the world

Why do you research? Why do you publish?

Your research may be pushing the boundaries of your field. Or you might have an idea that sparks a much bigger change, like the researchers in the podcast series How Researchers Changed the World.

Whatever your motivation, we have developed free learning programs to help you deliver impact so that your ideas and research enrich the lives of others. Whether you are just starting out in your research career and establishing your research profile or are looking to enhance the impact of your work, we have a program to suit you.