Milton Park, August 27, 2021
Hachette UK Distribution

Building on its sustainability commitments to becoming a zero waste and net zero carbon business by 2030, Taylor & Francis is very pleased to announce that the transition of its distribution operations to the new Hely Hutchinson Centre (HHC) operated by Hachette UK Distribution is complete. Located a short distance from Taylor & Francis’ offices in Milton Park, HHC features a series of new capabilities which provide a faster and more efficient service while also reducing waste, including an ingenious new packing kit which cuts boxes to size and expands carton capacity on each lorry to help reduce deliveries. Boasting a Building Research Establishment Environment Assessment Method (BREEAM) rating of Very Good, HHC ranks in the top 25% of UK new non-domestic buildings and represents the use of “advanced good practice.”

Taylor & Francis - Hachette UK Distribution

Hachette UK Distribution continues to serve as an indispensable partner in Taylor & Francis UK/ROW print supply chain, providing the logistics that ship books into the hands of many of our customers.  All the aspects of how we work with Hachette, including data interfaces between T&F and Hachette through day-to-day stock management, customer feeds, POD functionality, creation and management of packs/sets, credit control processes, eCommerce and more, have been reviewed and tested in conjunction with the transition to the new Centre and have ensured a smooth transition for T&F and our customers.  We are very enthusiastic about the scale, efficiency and environmental benefits that HHC and its systems will deliver moving forward.

There are several key changes that our customers need to be aware of:

  1. Your Account Number has changed, and you will find your new account number on your first invoice. We have also sent out notifications to customers of their new account numbers.  If you have not received your new account number please contact your local Sales Representative who can provide it.
  2. We will no longer be including paper invoices inside your book boxes; an e-invoice will be emailed directly to your nominated contact. 
  3. If you are outside the UK, we will continue to provide an Export Invoice for customs purposes. This will be sent electronically to the carrier.
  4. Invoices will come from [email protected],  please ensure that you add this address to your email contacts, so that invoices do not end up in your Junk/Spam Fold
  5. Invoices and order acknowledgements will be sent to you via email – please send the email address that you would like used for receipt of invoices and acknowledgements to [email protected]
  6. You will now receive boxes from Hachette UK Distribution (previously Bookpoint).
  7. Our Customer Service teams remain unchanged but there are new email addresses to use to contact them.  Please see our FAQs here, for the new email addresses.
  8. The new address for the Distribution Centre is Hachette UK Distribution, Hely Hutchinson Centre, Milton Road, Didcot, OX11 7HH, UK.
  9. The new address for the Distribution Centre is Hachette UK Distribution, Hely Hutchinson Centre, Milton Road, Didcot, OX11 7HH, UK. 
  10. We moved to the new Distribution Centre on Monday 24th January 2022. 

For further information, see frequently asked questions

T&F are excited to be working with Hachette to relocate our book distribution to their new state-of-the-art facility near Milton Park. In addition to a more eco-friendly and efficient operation we will also benefit from new systems giving us instant confirmation of what will be supplied, and our customers will only be invoiced for items that have been dispatched.

Emmett Dages, Chief Operations Officer, Taylor and Francis
Emmett Dages
Chief Operations Officer
Taylor and Francis

We are delighted to welcome Taylor & Francis to the Hely Hutchinson Centre (HHC). Our teams have worked seamlessly together to deliver this transition and we look forward to providing an unrivalled, world class service to Taylor & Francis, their authors and their customers. We are enormously proud of the cutting-edge systems and technology and the amazingly talented and knowledgeable team delivering our book distribution services, it is fantastic that Taylor & Francis have become part of this and we look forward to supporting them now and in the future.“

Joanne Westbrook, Chief Operating Officer, Hachette UK Distribution
Joanne Westbrook
Chief Operating Officer
Hachette UK Distribution