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We have an Agent Account Management team who have overall responsibility for how Taylor & Francis deals with all agents that place orders for journals. Their role includes working with our agents to provide them the best possible service, improving our internal procedures and systems as well as keeping you updated.

Your team

Rhys Jarman, Ray Hoque and Kayleigh Walker work with all our agents for orders and renewals. Please feel free to contact them if you have any queries.
Email: journalscs.accountmanagement@tandf.co.uk
Phone: +44 (0)207 017 7529


We have a number of agents who use our ICEDIS format for orders and renewals. There are many benefits to using EDI, if you would like to know more, please contact a member of our agents team using the above details.

Helpful links

Please use the links below to download a copy of the relevant document. These are updated regularly, so please consult these lists before submitting claims and queries.

In order for us to be able to publish our articles online as quickly as possible, we have a number of journals where the print publication schedule differs to the online. A list can be found here (.xls). If you have any questions about these journals, please contact your Agent Account team.


For pricing details for 2017, please go to our Pricing page.

New for 2017

We are introducing a new policy around archival access included with a print plus online or online only subscription.  If a library purchased a subscription to a volume from 1997 onwards, Taylor & Francis will continue to provide online access to the content, where available, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

From 2017 Taylor & Francis will implement a generous 20 year rolling archive in addition to the current year (i.e. a 2017 subscription will include online access back to 1997) at no additional cost while the subscription is maintained.


To submit a claim, please contact our claims department at the following email address, agents@tandf.co.uk and enter 'Claim' in the subject line. If you have multiple claims please use the spreadsheet as a template, which you can email.

Agent E-Newsletter

If you wish to be added to our Agents E-Newsletter distribution list, please contact journalscs.accountmanagement@tandf.co.uk.

Agents discount

The Taylor & Francis agent discount policy is based on your turnover as well as set criteria linked to when your payments are received and how you send your orders to us. If you would like more information on our policy please contact rhys.jarman@informa.com.

Taylor & Francis Online access

As soon as your order and payment have been received and processed, online access is automatically fed through to the customer’s account on Taylor & Francis Online, saving both you and our mutual customer the trouble of having to request activation.

Should our mutual customer be experiencing any online access issues after this activation you can contact the Taylor & Francis Online Support team using the following email address: support@tandfonline.com, quoting the following information.

  • Agent order Number
  • Order Number (publisher ID number)
  • Subscriber/Customer Number
  • Full journal title(s)
  • Year(s) of subscription
  • Institution Name
  • Full mailing address for where the subscription is delivered
  • IP address/range

Taylor & Francis have a number of tutorial guides which can assist our mutual customers in managing their institutions Taylor & Francis Online account. Please direct them to the following webpage should they require further information, http://resources.tandfonline.com.

Title-by-Title Archive

Institutional subscribers can now license access to content published prior to 1997 via the Title-by-Title Archive option. This cost-effective option allows our mutual customers to shape their library's archival collection on an annual, per title basis.

There are many benefits to the Title-by-Title Archive option:

  • Discover articles that have shaped the research we see today
  • Delve into over 1,000 online titles
  • Explore established and influential content from 1996 back to the very first volume
  • Tailor the content that you provide to your researchers

The Title-by-Title Archive can be licensed on an annual basis and is available in online only format. Should you require further information, please contact a member of our Agents Team.

Maney Titles with access from first volume

The list of titles below were previously provided by Maney Publishing with access starting from volume 1.  Now with Taylor & Francis, the titles within the following link "Maney Titles with Archive" will be available with pricing options for access from ‘1997 to current issue’ (“TF rate”) and also another rate for ‘Volume 1 to current issue’ (“T3 rate”).  When submitting orders or renewals for these titles, please indicate which rate is required.


We will send you renewal reminders each year when your subscription is due to expire.

We offer a variety of simple methods to renew including a secure online payment facility. To renew online you will need a copy of your renewal notice to hand.

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