Journals Pricing

Please find here (.xlsx 1MB) the Taylor & Francis journals 2018 price list. As in previous years we are aware that you need these prices as soon as possible so we have put this together prior to our official price list being made available on our Taylor & Francis website.

Please note any amendments to this price list will be confirmed to you in our Agents Newsletter.

Journals prices 2018

This tab contains all of our 2018 prices. Please find to follow specific information regarding these prices.

  • Journal name, Journal Code, ISSN, Volume, Issues per volume, Price Group, Currency and Price are all included
  • Please note all subscriptions where the journal is printed and received within Australia are subject to Australian GST at 10%.
  • The spreadsheet also contains the information on titles and their prices for our title-by-title archive option which allows your customers to purchase a current subscription plus the journals online archive. The subscription will allow your customer perpetual access to the year paid for and back access to all content on Taylor & Francis online which in most cases is back to volume one within the subscription year.
  • Journals available as tiered rates are listed at the top of the spreadsheet.

For 2018, we will continue to price our journals in USD, GBP and Euro (As well as AUD and CAD for a limited number of journals). All Subscriptions are charged depending on where the end customer is based.

  • Please find here a list of countries which will be charged at the Euro rate.
  • Customers in the United States, Mexico and Canada will be charged at the USD rate (unless there is a Canadian rate available).
  • Customers in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland will be charged at the GBP rate.
  • For Countries not stated above, customers will need to pay the Rest of World USD rate where available on our pricelist and the standard USD price for all other journals. These have been highlighted in blue writing for ease of reference.

As previously advised, we are required to charge applicable VAT on all print and online combination subscriptions, in addition to our online only journals. If you have not yet provided us with your EU VAT registration number or you need further information, please contact us at

Reminder for 2018

We have introduced a new policy regarding archival access included with a print plus online or online only subscription.  An institutional subscription to a journal will continue to ensure retained access to the volume years to which a customer subscribes (post-1997), with backfile access to a 20 year rolling archive provided on a complimentary basis during the current volume year subscription period (i.e. a 2018 subscription will include online access back to 1998).

Full Terms and Conditions are available here:

Journal updates

We have provided separate tabs for the following 2018 journal updates.

  • 2018 Prices
  • Titles sold with Archive (Titles which are now available to purchase with online access to the archive content pre 1998)
  • Open Access price adjusted journals
  • Frequency increase
  • Page increase
  • Taylor & Francis no longer publishing
  • Change in publisher
  • Merging titles
  • Title change
  • New Titles
  • Acquired Titles
  • Volume changes
  • New packs
  • Changing packs
  • Archive for Open Access titles
  • Edition moves
  • Purchase Print only titles
  • Open Access
  • Price freezes

We have included a list of all journals new to Taylor & Francis for 2018, this can be found on the 'Acquired titles' tab. However, there may continue to be more acquisitions and updates in the coming months and we will ensure you are kept up to date with all changes to the Taylor & Francis journal portfolio.