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Our story started over 200 years ago with the launch of Philosophical Magazine. Today, we’re a cutting-edge publisher and provider of digital media content, with journals, eBooks, and online encyclopedias and databases across a variety of brands and platforms.

Taylor & Francis Online

Home to vast amounts of content, this platform provides access to our journal content covering a huge range of subjects. The digitization of our back issues now allows our customers to read articles from the very earliest days of our publishing history, right up to today’s cutting-edge discoveries.

Cogent OA

Cogent OA is a fast and affordable way for authors to publish open access research. Our broad series of journals cover all disciplines and are free to readers at the point of access, opening up the research to the widest possible audience. Every journal has an expert editorial board from institutions around the globe to provide constructive peer review.

Taylor & Francis eBooks

Hosting new and seminal research from some of the greatest thinkers and scholars in academic publishing, our eBooks platform provides access to our titles across humanities, social sciences, behavioural sciences, STM and law.