Emmett Dages

President, US Books

Emmett Dages became President, US Books at Taylor & Francis in 2005 after serving as the Chief Operations Officer for the Group’s CRC Press imprint for nearly four years. Emmett manages the Group’s global Science, Technology and Medicine (STM) books programme and oversees the US distribution, sales and operations groups supporting T & F.

A 1982 University of Notre Dame accountancy graduate, Emmett spent 8 years at Price Waterhouse, rising to the position of audit manager before joining Thomson Financial Publishing (TFP) as Chief Financial Officer. At TFP Emmett was promoted to Executive Vice President – Products and Services, where he developed and managed a payment processing division and an electronic commerce business. In 1999, Emmett left TFP to help launch an internet procurement start-up, SourceTrack, LLC, where he served as Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President – Business Development.